Beyond East-West Divide: Gender, Intimacy and Modernity


The aim of this conference is to expand the scope of contemporary debates on intimacy and modernity beyond their western focus and thereby set new agendas for research.

Twelve distinguished overseas scholars will be speaking at the conference including
1.          Professor Stevi Jackson, University of York, UK
2.          Professor Lynn Jamieson, University of Edinburgh,UK
3.          Professor Brian Heaphy, University of Manchester,UK
4.          Dr Jacqui Gabb, Open University, UK
5.          Professor Harriet Evans, University of Westminster, UK
6.          Professor Ka Tat Tsang, University of Toronto, Canada
7.          Dr Cheng Sea Ling, Wellesley College, USA
8.          Dr Mei-hua Chen, Sociology, National Sun Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung  (Taiwan)
9.          Dr James Farrer, Sociology, Sophia University, Tokyo
10.      Dr Juhyun Woo, Sociology, Chung Ang University, Seoul
11.      Prof Chung Kyung-Sup, Sociology, Seoul National University
12.      Dr Shen Hsiu-Hua, Sociology, National Tsinghua UniversityHsinchu (Taiwan)

To explore issues on social change, gender and personal relationships we will also be screening four documentary films directed by Dr. Ho Sik Ying, Petula including abMother/愛媽媽悲媽媽Love and Punish/愛與罰A Family Sonata/家之奏鳴曲 and Twins Café/雙生茶檔.


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